Get Rid of Mice and Rat Problems Guaranteed. We Mouse Proof Your Home so Mice Can't Get Back In

Your Mice or Rat Problems Gone When Pest Removals Finish the Work -Guaranteed

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For Guaranteed Mice Removal in England and Wales



Tell me whereabouts you are, what type of building and the problem


 Agree cost of Blue Ribbon Guaranteed Removal of the problem


 Arrange a convenient time for Pest Removals to come and remove Mice Problems or Rats - for good


Your Home will be Cleared & Genuine Xmice Proofed against Rats and Mice -

Blue Ribbon Guaranteed


Genuine Xmice Natural Bio-Repellant establishes your Home as a permanent

 "no-go" area for Rats and Mice



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England and Wales

London, East Anglia &

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Paris & Île de France


There is no need to use indiscriminate poison or cruelty - Xmice Natural Bio-Repellant establishes your Home or workspace as a permanent "no-go" area for Rats and Mice


Pest Removals force pests to leave your premises


































Xmice proofs mice and rat holes in homes


 Pest Removals Survey Your Home and Block Out Mice and Rats




    Kitchens are Mice & Rats' main target and provide food - even crumbs under cupboards. Mice and Rats gain access to your living space through voids under and behind kitchen units.


    Xmice Proofing seals all potential access points that Mice or Rats could use.


    Appliances - behind Fridges or Washers are favourite places for Mice to access your kitchen


    Pantry or Airing Cupboard - Mice choose dark places for shelter near to their food sources.


    Pipework and cabling channels give Mice access to all areas of your home


    Radiators and Pipes - Mice gnaw to enlarge holes for access into your living space from under the floor


    Fireplaces - Mice often use fireplaces to hide and sometimes the chimney to enter homes


    Garage - Mice often gain access to homes through open or ill-fitting garage doors and then spread into the house


    Upholstered Units - such as sofas or beds provide shelter for Mice


Xmice Proofing Blocks All Entry Points of Mice and Rats

Indicates where Mice and Rats usually enter or find harbourage in a home

Many homemakers prolong the stress of Mice or Rat infestation.


Maybe you've bought mice traps or sonics that fail to get rid of the mice. Maybe you've even carried out DIY poisoning or blocking holes.


You don't have to remain powerless.

Seize this opportunity to regain the peace of your home by calling Melisa on


We will come and drive out the Mice or Rats, and Proof your home so they can't get back in


You will get your home back, blissfully rid of Mice and Rats!

Mice or Rats Driven You Crazy?

Blocking Mice Holes means Never Again!

Xmice Expels Mice from Your Home


All potential weak points Proofed and Secured with Xmice Proofing

When Mice or Rats have invaded your Home or Business , You need to take Positive Action


    Get Rid of the Mice or Rats

    Be Assured the Pests won't come back

    Make Sure Children and Pets Not Exposed to Poisons


Your home or business will be proofed against any further pest invasion.


Call Melisa now on 07708217125 to get rid of Mice or Rat invasion problems quickly


    Tell me whereabouts you are

    Do you have a flat or house?

    What's the problem?

    We will agree the best course of action


We can arrange the best time to come and remove the problem completely - and a reasonable cost.


You'll be glad you did!

• When you've had enough of the aggravation of Mice or Rats

• When you're tired of seeing Mice or their Droppings in your kitchen

• When you're sick of the pointless, temporary fix of poisoning or 'baiting'

• When you're saying "Never Again"



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