Get Rid of Mice, Get Rid of Tenants' Complaints!


Now Get Rid of Mice, and Proof Them Out


Pest Removals and X-Mice Gets Rid of Mice and Rats for Property Managers

- even when 'Pest Control' fails




     MICE Infestations cause Distress to Residents of Your Properties

    Tenants want to move out

    They vent their frustrations on someone -

    often that means on you or your co-workers

    You can be 'named and shamed' on the Internet for the world to see

    How much management time and goodwill do you lose?

Call now to avoid


    Build-up of Complaints and Aggravation

    Losing Good Tenants

    Negative Feedback for All to See


Now you can Manage Mice or Rat infestation Problems with Pest Removals.


You will achieve a drastic reduction of infestation to nothing within a short time


You will STOP the problem becoming established again

Comparing Prices You are Quoted

When you're getting quotes to get rid of your Mice or Rats, make sure the price you are quoted includes:

Get rid of Mice Guaranteed

Your Property Guaranteed Free of Mice.

Your Property proofed against pests coming back.


 If You are quoted a price that does not include a

Guarantee of Freedom from Mice - without hesitation, you'll be wasting your money and prolonging the aggravation

Vermin are going to be driven out of Your Property.




NOT the temporary fix of trying to kill some of them in walls and under floors with with indiscriminate poisons or glue traps

Mice, rats driven from homes guaranteed

Vermin are driven out and stopped from gaining re-entry by:


    Xmice Gel, a safe natural repellent - harmless to children and pets

  AND  Proofing your building against re-entry of vermin

Have Your Managed Properties Cleared of Mice or Rats

For Immediate Action, Call Pest Removals on 07708217125


Ask for your premises to be verified for Blue Ribbon Guaranteed Pest Removal.

Get Rid of Mice and Rat Problems Guaranteed. We Mouse Proof Your Home so Mice Can't Get Back In

Your Mice or Rat Problems Gone When Pest Removals Finish the Work -Guaranteed

 Call Melisa at Pest Removals






For Guaranteed Mice Removal in England and Wales



Tell me whereabouts you are, what type of building and the problem


 Agree cost of Blue Ribbon Guaranteed Removal of the problem


 Arrange a convenient time for Pest Removals to come and remove Mice Problems or Rats - for good


Your Home will be Cleared & Genuine Xmice Proofed against Rats and Mice -

Blue Ribbon Guaranteed


Genuine Xmice Natural Bio-Repellant establishes your Home as a permanent

 "no-go" area for Rats and Mice



Pest Removals

England and Wales

London, East Anglia &

the South East of England



Paris & Île de France


There is no need to use indiscriminate poison or cruelty - Xmice Natural Bio-Repellant establishes your Home or workspace as a permanent "no-go" area for Rats and Mice


Pest Removals force pests to leave your premises































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Mouse-free clients tell you their satisfaction but please don’t think that

you won’t be rid of your pests just as quickly and effectively


You are assured that your problems will be eliminated with the same care and attention to detail