Expel Rats from Your Home


Get Rid of Rat Problems Guaranteed!



When Rats Get into Your Attic

When Rats reach your attic, your peace will be disturbed every night by incessant noises of scratching and knocking at the top of the house


Noises are a minor part of the Rat problem.


Rats are very destructive.


Wherever they penetrate your home, Rats cause serious damage.

They foul the fabric of your building.

Rats destroy wiring in inaccessible areas.

Rats damage wood.

They burst water and waste pipes.


You can’t poison them because then you get dead, stinking rats.

Next maggots, then follows a plague of large flies.


Now Get Rid of Rat Problems Guaranteed!





Xmice Gel from Pest Removals is the effective rodent

bio-repellent, proven in thousands of buildings.



• All Mice and Rats in Your Home are Removed

• Xmice Gel is Safe, will not kill or harm animals or people

• Xmice is Eco-friendly


Get Rid of Rats with Xmice Bio-Repellent Gel


The structure of your home is carefully inspected by an experienced Pest Removals Surveyor.

The source and pattern of your Rat infestation problem is identified.

Based on previous successful rat clearances, your surveyor will devise and carry out the optimum strategy to get rid of your problem. You get a Guarantee


Get Rid of Mice and Rat Problems Guaranteed. We Mouse Proof Your Home so Mice Can't Get Back In

Your Mice or Rat Problems Gone When Pest Removals Finish the Work -Guaranteed

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For Guaranteed Mice Removal in England and Wales



Tell me whereabouts you are, what type of building and the problem


 Agree cost of Blue Ribbon Guaranteed Removal of the problem


 Arrange a convenient time for Pest Removals to come and remove Mice Problems or Rats - for good


Your Home will be Cleared & Genuine Xmice Proofed against Rats and Mice -

Blue Ribbon Guaranteed


Genuine Xmice Natural Bio-Repellant establishes your Home as a permanent

 "no-go" area for Rats and Mice



Pest Removals

England and Wales

London, East Anglia &

the South East of England



Paris & Île de France


There is no need to use indiscriminate poison or cruelty - Xmice Natural Bio-Repellant establishes your Home or workspace as a permanent "no-go" area for Rats and Mice


Pest Removals force pests to leave your premises
































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