Get Rid of Rats and Mice with Xmice

Bio-Repellent Gel


• Xmice Gel Deters and repels Mice and Rats

• Xmice Gel is Safe, will not kill or harm animals or people

• Xmice is Eco-friendly

Xmice Gel from Pest Removals is a unique rodent bio-repellent.


No Poison Risks to Children or Pets


Mice and Rats are repelled and will not attack Pest Proofing measures once Xmice gel has been effectively installed. 

Expertly Installing Xmice Gel

The active ingredients of Xmice Gel are concentrated extracts of Natural Desert Plants.

Xmice gel will not kill or harm the rodent or any other animal if ingested, unlike poisons.

This non-toxic characteristic allows Pest Removals to apply or install Xmice inside buildings, kitchens, ceilings, floors, joists, attics, cellars, remaining out of sight from family, visitors or customers.

Indefinite Potency of Xmice Gel

Xmice is durable and is potent over an extended time. The anaerobic techniques that Pest Removals have developed for Xmice application give the gel an indefinite potency.

Rats and rodents have extremely sensitive feet, noses, skin and sense of smell. As a result mice, rats and rodents when exposed to the natural active properties of Xmice gel experience enough discomfort to leave your home altogether and not come up against the gel barriers that have been installed.

Morally Acceptable, Infinitely More Effective

When compared to rat traps and poisons, Xmice gel is light years ahead in its effectiveness, hygiene and moral acceptability.

Rat traps and glue pads assume 100% of the rats will enter the trap; this is simply not true - only about 20% or less of the rats will enter a poison baited trap.

Traps smell once the rat dies in the trap and liquefies in the heat if not emptied in the first 5 days.

Traps are unsightly and they are impractical if they have to be used inside a public area.

Once a rat has eaten the poison bait it may travel and die inside a wall or ceiling leaving a residual smell of decomposing flesh for at least several weeks. If rat traps are not set in the proper travel path of the rats, traps become very ineffective. Further some pesticide companies change technicians and they do not sometimes know where the other co-worker left a trap or two until the foul odour fills the building.

When expertly installed, an Xmice gel barrier works to prevent rats and rodents from entering - even where traps cannot be installed or used.

Xmice gel can be used in small confined areas, like holes and cracks too. A mouse can get through a ½ in crack and a rat can enter a ½in hole, so being able to inject Xmice gel into hard to reach areas is a major benefit over traps and poisons.

Xmice is so safe it can be used in kitchen or food preparation areas where pesticides are not allowed or should not be used.

Xmice gel is eco-friendly can be washed away and applied at any time without harming the sewers or waste water.

Xmice gel combined with disciplined cleaning and generally accepted rat and rodent protocols will help you live in a rat/rodent free environment both in home and businesses.

Your alternatives are constant poisoning, cleaning up, washing down the kitchen floor each night, rubbish removal, closing up holes, maintaining waste receptacles with lids, cutting back vegetation and the list goes on.

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There is no need to use indiscriminate poison or cruelty - Xmice Natural Bio-Repellant establishes your Home or workspace as a permanent "no-go" area for Rats and Mice


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